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Embassy Homes

Sofia, “Galichitsa” str. No38
“Bigla ІІІ” LTD
1 991 m²
Functional type:
Residential building
Photography / 3D:

Embassy Homes is a residential building located in the heart of Sofia, offering high-standard living. With its six above-ground floors, the building immediately stands out with its ideal combination of city modernism and comfort. The exterior of the building features a unique relief and finely crafted details, such as the impressive decorative grille that has become an emblematic and memorable element of the project. Embassy Homes is the first completed residential building according to the design of CAST Studio, whose main goal is to achieve the investor’s motto of “Bigla III” - “Professionals’ touch”.

The building facade facing the street is conservative but rhythmic, playing with both the proportions of solid and open parts of it and the relief of solid elements. It is achieved by shifting horizontally in the facade plane, creating a play of light and shadow, especially with the west sun. This approach creates dynamics when viewing the building, whether driving or walking along the street.

The achieved synthesis between the priorities set by the investor and those reflected in the design guarantees a high-quality final product.

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The key words that guide the creative process of the construction of the building are FUNCTION, AESTHETICS, CONTEXT. Embassy homes is an original example of a modern residential building. The functionality in the residential units is aligned with the exhibition, with the living rooms oriented to the south, and the night rooms to the north. This guarantees maximum living comfort.


Embassy Homes is an original example of a modern residential building. The design process is guided by key words such as Functionality, Aesthetics, and Context. The functionality of the living units is considered with regards to exposure, with the south-oriented units being day-oriented and the north-oriented units being night-oriented, ensuring maximum comfort of living.

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Function/ Fit outs

Embassy Homes has a spacious underground parking with at least two parking spaces per apartment.

On the ground floor there is a welcoming foyer, as well as a spacious apartment with a summer kitchen, barbecue and a private courtyard. ThThis separate garden provides the feeling of being connected with nature, giving a house-like experience rather than an apartment one. ThThe upper floors have spacious multi-room apartments with western and southeastern exposure, providing the opportunity for under floor heating.

The last floor is a separate penthouse with a circular rooftop terrace that offers 360-degree views. Direct access to the penthouse is provided by the elevator.

The building follows the standards established by the architects at CAST studio -the apartments are designed with high ceilings and a low flooring level to provide the opportunity for integrated under floor heating.

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Embassy homes have an exterior designed with clean elements combined in an original and interesting manner. The colors used are neutral, with light ceramic cladding elements as the main focus and dark metal accents contributing to the depth and contrast of the building’s appearance. Golden accents are added for an original look, adding richness to the facade and contributing to the perception of luxurious design and high living standards.

The facade of the building is composed of multiple light ceramic panels arranged horizontally along the height of the building and delicately finished with decorative golden ribbons. The aim is to create a feeling of multi-layering in the facade’s relief. The floors are separated by fine dark profiles that contrast against the light panels. The positioning and treatment of the elements in the windows follow the clean lines and rhythm of the motifs in the facade’s relief. A massive golden decorative grille has been placed to achieve a memorable vision.

It acts as a buffer zone between the Embassy homes and the neighbouring building, practically separating them but visually unifying them. ThThe grille is three-layered with slanted elements that again are arranged but this time in a vertical direction, creating a three-dimensional feeling of interweaving and emphasizing it as an emblematic element of the building.

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The Embassy homes building is finished with a dark canopy, or cornice, which is the crown of the building. It is built with elements that follow the lines of the floors below it and consists of several massive supporting beams with thin awnings between them, which play with the light and contribute to a different feel. The canopy, created with exceptional attention to detail, contributes to the decorative finish of the building and shapes the dynamic space on the top floor.

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