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House Rotenburg

Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany
716 m²
Functional type:
in prof
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Nestled in the picturesque town of Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany, Villa Rotenburg commands attention with its elevated position, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty from virtually every angle. Designed with a keen focus on the client's penchant for the purity of white and a preference for contemporary architecture, the villa stands in stark contrast to the traditional German architectural landscape.

To seamlessly blend the villa with its natural surroundings, we incorporated wooden slats into its facade design, lending it a harmonious touch with the lush environment. The outdoor and courtyard spaces are adorned with evergreen vegetation, further enhancing its integration with the landscape. Despite its unassuming appearance from the street, Villa Rotenburg is a testament to the concept of "Small but Mighty." Its clever layout, spread across terraced terrain, defies expectations. What appears as a two-story structure from the street unveils an additional semi-submerged floor, ingeniously maximizing space while maintaining a sense of understated elegance.

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Positioned prominently along the street, the main entrance of Villa Rotenburg exudes an air of intimacy, adorned with a canopy that gracefully transitions into a lattice-style barrier, subtly displaying the villa's address. At ground level, the villa boasts two internal garages, offering convenience and practicality.

Upon crossing the threshold, guests are greeted by a grand staircase that elegantly ascends to both the +1 and -1 floors. Through tall glass doors, the living area with an adjoining kitchenette beckons, offering a seamless flow of space and light. Additionally, a generously proportioned and inviting study resides on this level.

Ascending to level +1 reveals two luxurious bedroom suites, each complete with its own en-suite bathroom and dressing room, providing a private sanctuary for relaxation and repose.

Descending to level -1 unveils a dedicated relaxation area, providing direct access to an outdoor pool—an oasis of tranquility and leisure amidst the villa's serene surroundings.

Staircase and corridors

The staircase unfolds like a work of art, its ethereal design gracefully weaving through every floor of the villa. On the ground level, it beckons with elegant stone steps, subtly illuminated to highlight their beauty, while a bonsai tree in a wooden planter adds a touch of serenity. As it ascends to the +1 floor, the staircase evolves into a gallery-like passage, seamlessly integrating with the architectural aesthetic. Beneath it, on the -1 floor, lies a secluded wine cellar, meticulously designed to maintain optimal temperature conditions, offering connoisseurs a haven for their collection.

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Living area

The living space is thoughtfully divided into four inviting zones - the lounge area with the sofa and dining section, the cozy fireplace nook, and the well-appointed kitchen, subtly delineated by an airy lattice partition. The kitchen boasts a pantry, accessible for restocking through one of the garages. Floor-to-ceiling windows grace the length of the room, flooding it with abundant natural light and fostering an unparalleled sense of spaciousness and harmony with the outdoors. The strategic use of light hues further accentuates the villa's natural surroundings, drawing attention to its abundant beauty.


The office is a space meticulously crafted with style and attention to detail, offering ample storage within its closed cabinets. Its design features an elegant interplay of light and dark, resembling a sophisticated color palette, with bright accents strategically placed to capture natural light, while darker hues create cozy corners within the room. From this workspace, one can once again admire the panoramic view, essential for fostering a serene and productive atmosphere.

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Fitness and Spa

Located on the -1 floor, the fitness and spa facilities feature a dedicated bar and multiple entertainment zones. The space is equipped with a dining area for meals and intimate gatherings, while a separate salon hosts a sauna and a compact bath. Accessible from the area is an outdoor pool and a cozy barbecue zone. Moreover, the floor encompasses generous wet and dry storage areas, a dressing room, and a technical room with external access for maintenance.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

On the +1 floor, you'll find two bedrooms - the master bedroom and a guest room. Each boasts its own en-suite bathroom and ample wardrobe space. While both rooms are harmoniously styled, the master bedroom stands out not only for its size but also for its additional vanity area cleverly integrated into the wardrobe. The master bedroom's bathroom is adorned in light hues, offering enough space for dual sinks. In contrast, the guest room's bathroom exudes elegance with its dark tones, beautifully complemented by a striking light-colored sink cabinet.

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