Ana Shalibashvili

Interior designer

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, she completed her education in the creative arts field. In 2007, she obtained her degree from the Architectural Faculty of the Arts Academy in Tbilisi, specializing in the "Interior Design" department. Continuing her pursuit of artistic excellence, she went on to complete her Master's degree in painting at the “Center for Contemporary Art” in Tbilisi in 2011.

Throughout her artistic journey, she has explored and experimented with various artistic media, chanelling her creativity into diverse forms of expression. However, after relocating to Sofia, Bulgaria, fer focus shifted towards interior design and 3D visualization.

This transition demonstrates her adaptability and the passion she has for transfrming spaces and bringing concepts to life through the lens of interior design. By combining her artistic background with her axperience in 3D visualization, she strives to create visually captivating and functional environments in her work.