Elena Tabakova

Interior designer

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, she began her creative journey in the field of design. In 2018, she graduated from the National High School of Applied Arts "Saint Luke", where she honored her artistic skills and developed a foundation in design principles. Her passion for creating enchanting spaces for children led her to pursue further education at the National Arts Academy.

At the academy, she speialized in the department of "Design for Children's Environment" with a focus on Interior for Children's Environment. She recieved her diploma, further solidifyin her expertise in designing spaces tailored for young ones.

To expand her knowledge and gain practical experience, she embarked on an internship at an interior design studio, where she dedicated two years to refining her skills and understanding the intricacies of the profession. Driven by her desire to grow and explore new horizons, she joined CAST studio.

From a young age, she has harbored a deep-rooted dream of becoming an interior designer, and her greatest passion lies in product design. This unwavering dedication and love for her craft fuel her pursuit of creating captivating and functional spaces that bring joy to children while indulging in the realm of product design.

Her journey showcases her commitment to turning her childhood dream into a reality and her unwavering enthusiasm for bringing creativity, beauty, and functionality together in the world of interior and product design.